Three million new customers generated …

Up to $650,000 in royalties per MONTH* …

More than $1 billion in products and services sold* …

At Clayton’s Power Marketing Summit, he revealed how he does it.

By Anthony Flores
Direct Response Coach
Co-Founder, EasyWriters Marketing Club
Editor, The Screaming Eagle

I was there – at Clayton Makepeace’s Power Marketing Summit – right in the front row …

The giants of the industry were there, too – direct response powerhouses like Agora Financial, the American Writers and Artists Institute, Boardroom Inc., Early to Rise, Healthy Directions, Health Resources, The Motley Fool, Matt Furey, Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Weiss Research Inc., WaterWise, Shriners’ Hospitals, and many others.

“A list” copywriters like Belinda Brewster, Brad Petersen, Carline Anglade-Cole, David Deutsch, Kent Komae, Kim Krause Schwalm, John Carlton, Parris Lampropoulos, Peter Stone and others were there, too.

Entrepreneurs and copywriters flew in from all over the U.S. and Canada … the UK … the Netherlands … the Bahamas … Australia – and even as far away as China – took up to five days out of their busy schedules … coughed up a couple of grand for airfare and lodging … and eagerly paid the $5,000-per-seat price of admission.

Because  …

After 38 years as one of America’s most successful marketing consultants and copywriters …

After creating more than three million new customers for his clients …

Clayton Makepeace was about to show us – in exquisite detail – how he does it!

… And he promised that he’d open his files for us and give us everything we need to know to create and grow a business – including …

The Secret of All Success: Live by Clayton’s simple 5-word maxim.

4 Keys to Unlocking Creative Brilliance: Clayton’s four-step process for effortlessly overcoming writer’s block, solving marketing problems, and increase response.

5 Crucial Questions You Must Get Right BEFORE Your First Word of Ad Copy is Written: Get just one of these wrong, and you’re likely to get the spanking of your life!

17 Fundamental Building Blocks of a RED HOT Promotion: A simple checklist to guide you through the promotion planning minefield.

Beyond Headlines – Clayton’s Modular Lead Secret: Use this five-part, plug-and-play lead strategy to keep prospects glued to your copy and get them to believe every word you say right from the start) …

The Quickest, Easiest Way to Seize Your Prospect’s Attention: How to tap into the secret conversations your prospect has with himself … identify the one subject he’s always eager to read about … and drive readership of your sales message sky-high …

“These fresh ideas and strategies will influence my writing for years to come.

“The seminar exceeded even my best expectations. I truly feel like I had unprecedented access to a copywriting legend – and came home with fresh ideas and strategies that will influence my writing for years to come.”

– Greg Grillot
Managing Editor


“The best investment of the year – hands down!”

“Talk about over delivering! Wow. Wow. And Wow again. I left with a boatload of high-level copywriting information, a fistful of solid, quality contacts, and an armload of marketing and copywriting goodies.

“This was, hands down, the best investment of the year for me.”

– Collette Gillian

The Secret of the 1,000 Word Headline: Simply applying this one, simple secret to a promotion generated a 200% ROI.* See the promotion and hear how Clayton put it together …

Didn’t Beat the Control? FANTASTIC! Contrarian? Sure. But this customer acquisition secret about using failed promotions made Clayton’s clients millions. (And doubled his royalties while cutting his workload in half!) …

How to Instantly Spot Weaknesses in Sales Copy. The 37-point acid test for copy … the 24 most common blunders copywriters make … and the 4 easiest ways to strengthen your promotion …

And much, MUCH MORE!

As always, the North Carolina Profit Rocket overdelivered – in spades.

The thank-you letters from those of us who were privileged to be there say it all …

As always, the North Carolina Profit Rocket overdelivered – in spades.

The thank-you letters from those of us who were privileged to be there say it all …

“No matter what level of direct response marketer or copywriter you are, the information you’ll take away from Clayton’s Power Marketing Summit is priceless. Clayton really delivered!”

– Wendy Montes de Oca
Director of Marketing

“Fantastic seminar – worth FIVE TIMES the price”

– Kent Komae
Million-Dollar Copywriter

“Was it worth traveling 4,000 miles and paying $9-10,000 (for the Seminar, flight, food and hotel) to attend? I’d say it was worth at least ten times that amount, maybe more. “

– Nick Wrathall
London, England

“Great Job! It was certainly worth the plane ticket from Australia. The content was sensational … all of us who attended have a giant advantage.”

– Rowan Shead
Sydney, Australia

“Thanks, Clayton for your generous sharing of your hard-won marketing wisdom with the rest of us.

“You’ve taught me techniques I never knew – along with some I’d been using for years but never understood why!”

– Kim Krause Schwalm,
“A” Level Copywriter

Every minute of Clayton’s 16-hour brain dump …

Every morsel of response-rocketing magic he’s picked up in a lifetime of legendary direct response marketing campaigns …

Every secret he used to create three million new customers and to rake in well over $1 billion in sales …

… Was captured for Clayton Makepeace’s Power Marketing Summit Video Series – and is now ready to begin driving YOUR response through the roof!

Here’s just a sample of the money-making secrets awaiting you in this 16-hour boxed set …

The Four Things Every Promotion Must Do to Succeed: How Clayton’s unique take on a classic — the magic “AIDA” formula — moves prospects to action.

Secrets of Creative Brilliance: Clayton’s four-step process for effortlessly overcoming writer’s block, solving marketing problems and boosting response.

How to Find Your Product’s Most Compelling Benefits: How master copywriters drill down to the benefits that prospects desire most – four easy steps.

Marketers: watch as Clayton reveals his technique he used to pull in $700,000 worth of sales in a single day!*

Copywriters: watch as Clayton reveals his powerful methods for crafting promotions that have pulled in as much as $70,000 in royalties!*

How to Find Your Ideal Prospect: And use these 5 proven techniques to quickly understand what they desire most.

Secrets for Getting Everything Right: How to select the best messenger, the best focus, the best approach strategy and more!

The #1 Blunder Copywriters and Their Clients Make: How to avoid product/prospect mismatches that doom promotions to failure.

And Much, MUCH MORE!

The Eight most powerful lead approaches ever discovered. And how to use each one for maximum impact.

The Four Phases of Sales Resistance: How to overcome each one. PLUS the two basic objectives of every headline and lead you’ll ever write – and how to achieve them flawlessly.

The Weakest Link in Every Promotion: The six events your headline, lead and copy set in motion in your prospect’s mind – and the one step that, if ignored, will guarantee your promotion gets trashed, unread.

Even “green” copywriters write like ten-year veterans after learning Clayton’s Modular Lead Strategy

Discover the inside approach Clayton teaches his personal copy cubs. Once you start using it you’ll notice an immediate increase in your response rates. Because you’ll grab more eyeballs and sell more people on reading your promotion with intense interest.

72 Headline Writing Tips from The Masters: Sage advice from copywriting superstars John E. Powers … John E. Kennedy … Albert Lasker … Claude C. Hopkins … Robert Collier … Vic Schwab … John Caples … Rosser Reeves … and David Ogilvy!

The USP Hoax: Why nearly everything you’ve been taught about using Unique Selling Propositions is wrong, wrong, WRONG – and a far more effective way to generate max readership of your sales message.

15-Point Headline Checklist: Plus the 8 most powerful headline and lead techniques Clayton has ever used.

How to get paid to have other people write your copy. This secret is almost too good to share, but Clayton gives you everything you need to know. What it is. How to do it. And exactly what to say to customers to get them on board.

And much, MUCH MORE!

21 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Write Your Next Headline: Methodically guides you to the best headline approach for your next promotion!

The Subtle Influence of Controlled Expectations: How to use your headline to condition your prospect to accept your sales argument and most importantly, to act on it!

The Dead Cat Bounce: Got your attention? So will this off-the-wall headline strategy for generating readership!

What you need to know to zero in on the strongest headline approach for your product.

A Simple Way to Bring Visceral Power to Your Headline: It instantly engages your prospects’ emotions, involving them in your copy and guaranteeing they read it.

What Headline Would Jesus Write? This ‘Bible Thumper’ technique taps into your prospects’ deep emotional energies and gets your promotion read!

The Visceral Power of Freudian Headlines: It works like gangbusters. It’s ethical. And prospects will love you for it.

“Scarlet-Letter” Headlines Your Prospect Can’t Ignore.

Clayton’s Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: Nobody has any idea why this headline technique works so well – but it sure as heck does!

And much, MUCH MORE!

What You’re Really Up Against: The seven negative reactions almost every promotion creates – and how to win over even your most skeptical prospect.

The 8 Preliminary Sales You MUST Make to Close the Deal: How to ace every one of them.

Pretty Darned Good Starter Outline for Every Kind of Promotion You Create: The “Lucky Thirteen” steps that eliminate blank page paralysis.

24 Steps to The Sale: Every way he could think of to start the conversation fast – with power-packed openings … bribe prospects to read your message … keep them reading … and more!

How to Eliminate Key Objections BEFORE Your Prospect Even Thinks of Them: Five most common objections your prospect has to buying now – how to blow them all away.

Just the FAQs, Anthony …

Q: I’m a beginning copywriter. Is this information too advanced for me?

A: Absolutely NOT! There were plenty of new copywriters at the event.

When you follow Clayton’s detailed instructions for writing blockbuster controls your clients will think you’re a ten-year veteran because your copy is so good.

Q: Will I learn more than just how to write world-class copy?

A: And how! Clayton explains writing copy from its proper perspective – from within marketing and business strategy.

And that means while you’re getting one of the most advanced copywriting educations possible – you’re getting a world-class direct marketing education at the same time.

Q: Can I get this same information from regular issues of The Total Package or through my membership as an EasyWriters Marketing Club member?

A: A little of it, sure. Clayton wanted the Power Marketing Summit to be a complete system for writing blockbuster controls. To do that, he goes over the fundamentals.

But this is the only place Clayton has ever detailed his complete process for writing grand slam winners. It’s sequential. It’s detailed. And you won’t find it anywhere else.

Plus, Clayton also reveals …

How to Know How Long Your Sales Copy Should Be: The definitive answer to one of the most vexing questions copywriters ask.

Offer Copy That Sings and Soars: Seven steps to a powerful close – how to create an incredible offer – and how to make your prospect feel like saying “no” would be the dumbest thing he could possibly do.

Dangers of the ‘Pretty Cloud Syndrome’: And the simple cure that boosts readership and response (and makes young copywriters write like grizzled veterans).

Order Forms That Nearly Complete Themselves: Nine essential components every direct mail and Internet response device must contain for maximum response.

When talking over your prospects’ heads actually increases response. Why and when the use of technical jargon in sales copy can help drive your response sky-high.

Nine ways to boost the selling power of your copy. Including the three types of copy to avoid like the plague.

Secrets to mining every practical and emotional benefit your product delivers. Including the intangible benefits only your spokesperson – not your product – can deliver.

Freight-Train Copywriting: How to build momentum into your copy and drive your prospect deeper into your copy, faster.

The Single Characteristic EVERY Big Winner Has In Common: Not doing this pretty much guarantees mediocre response.

Clayton’s ‘Secret of Indispensability’: This simple trick makes your product something your prospect can’t live without.

The Magic Number of Testimonials. Did you know you can overuse testimonials? It’s true. Here’s the magic number to use for maximum impact. Plus, alternate uses for testimonials. And which positive testimonials are actually kisses of death in sales copy.

The ‘Sweet Spot’ for which to begin asking for the sale. If you’re waiting until the end of your letter to ask for the sale – you’re losing customers. Start too early and you eviscerate your response. Here’s the precise page to start asking for the order – and how to do it effectively.

And much, MUCH MORE!

See How Clayton Constructed One of His Biggest Financial Winners ever.

Clayton blew us all away when he detailed exactly how he developed the famed Supernet promotion. Never beaten, this promotion mailed for years and made his client millions. Clayton shows you why it worked and how. He dissects and explains each and every element of getting the sale so you can replicate his success.

21 ways to KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!): A step-by-step system for creating tightly focused promotions …

Are you an undisciplined writer? Clayton admits he is. You’ll love this easy way to make sure you’ve covered every sales argument and copy-element you need to make the sale …

How using Clayton’s trademark “3T” letter structure keeps your sales-argument on track …

How to practice precise word selection: Four simple techniques for editing energy into your copy … two red flags that instantly identify weak sentences … how to spot words that destroy readership and response … and more!

How to write the perfect subhead: Three specific things every subhead should accomplish …

5 ways to say more with less copy. And energize your copy to boot!

And much, much MORE!

How to Get the Format Question Right: A cheap #10? A 6X9? A Bookalog? A Magalog? A more costly Tabloid? A custom format? The secret to simplifying one of the most perplexing questions copywriters and marketing people make.

31 Principles of High-Response Graphic Design: How print and Internet designers can kill readership and response – and the techniques Clayton uses to ensure maximum attention-getting power and readership in every promotion he creates.

The Color Question: Are these two common design blunders depressing your response?

The Type Style Question: The typefaces and sizes that produce optimum readership.

Clayton’s Law of Space & Time: Identify the visual vampires that suck the lifeblood out of your promos – and drive a stake through every one of their little black hearts!

Eye Candy 101: How to select graphic images that are most effective at seizing a man’s attention … a woman’s attention … and both!

When Photos and Illustrations KILL: The most common mistake designers make when laying out copy – pure readership poison – and how to avoid it!

Blundered breaks: This common mistake hamstrings even the strongest copy. And irritates your prospect into trashing your promotion.

Holy Give-Aways Batman – over $2,500 of FREE Bonus Gifts to go with it?!

That’s right – like Clayton always says, “Under promise and OVER deliver!” We showered the original Summit attendees with bonus gifts and we’re going to shower you with freebies too!

You’ll get a goodie bag stuffed to the brim with over $2,500 worth of free gifts!

Worth every penny and more!

“To say that I got my money’s worth would be a vast understatement. It was worth every penny and more! The material was more in-depth than any I’ve seen – the binder alone would’ve been worth $5,000.”

Why ‘widows’ sell readership more than ‘orphans’: One of the simplest ways to make reading even the longest sales copy less intimidating for your reader.

Full-Contact Graphic Design: Use this secret to rush your prospect to the order like she’s been picked up by an NFL linebacker.

When to Look ‘em Square in the Eye! The precise points in your sales message when not having your spokesman make eye contact with your prospect is costing you sales.

And much, MUCH MORE!

Get the Secrets to Structuring Breakthrough Online Marketing Campaigns

A poorly structured campaign ruins even the best copy. So what’s the best way to put your Internet marketing into overdrive? And how do you make your campaigns self-capitalizing so you can (finally) build your list aggressively online?

Clayton and Daniel Levis give you the online models and results they’ve gathered from taking major mailers into the fun world of Internet marketing.

Internet pricing strategies for copywriters: Offline and online royalty deals are completely different animals … the workload is DOUBLE online … and the opportunities are huge. Here’s what you need to know to structure the most profitable deals possible.

The 4 Great Roads to Internet Paradise: Even incremental increases in these four areas will sky-rocket your bottom-line revenues. Understanding this is the secret to creating quantum growth online …

All The New Customers You Want – For FREE! How to design online customer acquisition campaigns that pay for themselves. It’s not the same as doing it offline. Here are the 7 questions you must answer in every online marketing campaign.

And much, MUCH MORE!

What to say to leads vs. customers to get them to read your promotion …

The one piece of information EVERY promotion you send out MUST have – no matter where in the sales cycle your prospect is …

How making the right offer at the wrong time killed response on Jack’s mailing …

A textbook example of laddering benefits from feature to emotional benefit …

How to take the guess-work out of developing your sales argument …

A Master-Key to Explosive Growth: Using the right copy approach actually increases your market size and opens up entirely new fields of untapped customers. See two real-world examples …

Why it’s smart to use dead guys to sell your product (And why it works so well) …

Graphic design blunders that confuse your prospect before they even start reading your promotion …

Why ‘conceptual’ headlines fail – and a perfect example of a real stinker …

Every time your photos don’t do THIS you’re missing a golden selling opportunity. And the graphic images you should never, ever use in sales copy …

Fear based copy’s Achilles Heel: Why you can scare your prospect out of buying and how to walk the razor’s edge between fear and THIS danger to close the sale  …

Got a Boring Product? This approach is your only real option. Good thing it’s proven to sell millions.

How much information should you be giving away in your copy? The single strongest type of PROOF you can use was totally missing from sales copy 15 years ago. But, many copywriters today don’t even know they’re using outdated copy approaches.

And much, MUCH MORE!

Momma’s Persuasion Principle: Clayton explains why no copywriter or marketer ever taught him a lesson more powerful than he learned at his mother’s knee. Once you understand this – you’ll always know how to find the shortest path to a persuasive argument.

Nine Overlooked Sales Opportunities You Can Cash in On Immediately: This forehead slapping insight opens up huge possibilities for making additional sales right away in any business.

Ten Ways to find the ‘Achilles Heel of any promotion you have to beat. Use this checklist to find weakness in your competitor’s promotions or to make sure yours is rock solid.

This Secret from the Bastille’s Basement Multiplies Response: How the famous French prison made one of Clayton’s clients millions.* And why using this principle makes your promotions impossible NOT to read!

The Fountain of Youth for Sales Copy. How to DOUBLE the life- expectancy of your promotions …

Marketing weapons of mass destruction! These classic marketing principles can be a death sentence. Here’s how to avoid being a victim.

The Biggest Benefit Isn’t Always The Best Benefit: Instead of talking about the largest potential benefit your product offers – talk about this instead. You’ll be amazed at how your response rate soars …

And much, MUCH MORE!

Checklists to follow for structuring your promotion …

17 Foundational Building Blocks of a RED HOT PROMOTION …

40 headline Strategies …

The 8 most powerful lead strategies I’ve ever discovered …

The 4 phases of prospect resistance and how to overcome them

24 steps to making the sale …

8 steps to close the sale …

And even checklists for finding and eliminating weak spots in your promotions …

21 Ways to KISS (Keep it simple stupid) …

5 ways to say MORE with LESS …

The 24 most powerful words in the English language …

My 75 favorite power words … the 12 smoothest words in the English language …

And that’s not all …

And, you’ll instant access to the actual PowerPoint presentations so you can view them anytime you like … quickly skim through them to find a specific topic your looking for … or even print out one of the many checklists or tools to ramp up the effectiveness of your sales copy …

“Enough already, Anthony – you had me at “I was there …”

Please send me my Power Marketing Summit DVD set and my FREE Goodie Bag right away!

The swipe file alone is worth TWICE the price of admission!

“The Clayton Makepeace Power Summit was far and away the best copywriting seminar I’ve ever been to. The swipe file alone was worth twice the price of admission.”

– Eric Lynch

The question isn’t ‘Can you afford to get it?

“It’s can you afford NOT to …’

“If I had one word to describe the Power Summit it would be OVERDELIVERING! This is the BEST marketing event BAR NONE ever. The asking price is totally worth it – it’s not ‘can I afford it?’ It most definitely is: ‘Can you afford not to?’”

– Caleb Osborne

Among the swag in your Goodie Bag, you’ll find:

Clayton’s personal swipe file – more than 500 pages of his best-known direct mail promotions: One of his competitors once said he’d pay $10,000 for this alone – but it’s yours, FREE with your copy of Clayton’s Power Marketing Summit video Collection!

Use it anytime to see how Clayton applies these principles to hit out-of-the-park grand slams for his clients – and pilfer your little heart out.

And much, MUCH MORE!

I won’t beat around the bush here. Clayton’s Power Marketing Summit Video Series …

The complete video series – an entire lifetime’s worth of copywriting and marketing know-how distilled into 16 riveting hours…

Get the Secrets to Structuring Breakthrough Online Marketing Campaigns

  • The secrets these eleven DVDs contain routinely earn Clayton $100,000 … $200,000 … up to $650,000 PER MONTH …
  • They’ve given him an average income of well over $1 million a year since the mid-1990s …
  • They’ve helped top copywriters like Parris Lampropoulos … Carline Anglade Cole … Bob Hutchinson … Brad Petersen … and Kent Komae to consistently create multi-year controls …
  • And any ONE of the hundreds of secrets Clayton reveal could easily earn you many, MANY times the   $7,500 price tag!

Clayton and Daniel Levis give you the online models and results they’ve gathered from taking major mailers into the fun world of Internet marketing.

Well for one thing, everyone else who’s learned these secrets from Clayton so far had to pay $5,000 to attend the Summit live.

Plus, we had to shell out money for hotel rooms and food. And of course, we all had to get there – some from 12,000 miles away – and that kind of airfare costs thousands.

And I can assure you of one thing: Clayton delivered everything he promised. Overdelivered, even.

He promised to show up. And he did – with bells on.

The rest is up to you.

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Anthony Flores
Power Marketing Summit Attendee
Editor, The Screamin’ Eagle